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Add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home with the beautiful screen enclosures

Do you love to spend time with nature? Sitting all calm on your veranda and feeling occupied in enjoying my time, but do the dirt, bugs and crickets stop you from throwing open yourself to the outside environment. If you want to shield the area but enjoy the scenic beauty, then why not give your home the gift of screen enclosures?

What are screen enclosures?

There are many open spaces in our home that source daylight and fresh air, but we generally keep them close due to the fear of accumulating dirt and moisture, which might destroy the glaze of our expensive furniture and interiors. Screen enclosures are an excellent solution for such places. They shield the unwanted dirt, flies, and insects and allow sunlight and quite a good amount of ventilation into the enclosure.  Screening on your porch or deck is a cost-effective way to enjoy the outdoors without lathering up in bug spray or continuously swatting the flies away.

Are you interested in adding a screen enclosure to your home?

If this is your wise, then we have granted it. Discover the screen enclosures in Vacouver, BC, and find yourself the tailor-made screens to shield your area.  SelectPlease select from the most comprehensive range of screens, roof types, and designs curated by our architects according to your needs.

Why add a screen enclosure?

Add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home with the beautiful screen enclosures

  • Breathe the fresh air and keep the problem of bugs, flies, and dirt at bay.
  • Affordable solution to screen your porch or deck.

Types of enclosures

Many types of screens and roof designs are available to screen your area.

  • For frame color options- select from the gorgeous shades of white, bronze, and sandstone, the ideal colors to keep the enclosure cool.
  • Roof options- Select from the single slope, gable sloped, or the under-existing design.

Our roofing material is of premium quality to keep away the problem of leakage, dripping, and condensation away. We use super foam panels to provide insulation and structural I-beams and thermal barriers to provide maximum stability to your roof.

For windows, we use extruded aluminum because it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Our back aluminum screen mesh provides a clean and n-sagging experience, unlike the traditional fiber glasses. We use an open roll system for window panels to easily open and close.

Visit our online store to know more about our premium services offered. Learn about the DIY ideas for designing your screen enclosures to suit your needs.


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