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Criminal justice Telugu movie

Sensational roller-coaster movies are the most cherished class in Indian film, and the Telugu diversion world movies are given mystery and strain. The Telugu entertainment world is achieving exceptional work in making films with the tension-based energizing plot. These films are just unprecedented in storyline and plot, just as in heading and various segments too. A couple of movies may be low monetary plans anyway, paying little mind to this, they have again an enormous group who is enthused about watching wrongdoing films. With mind-blowing attempts, the Telugu entertainment world is steadily hard for other amusement universes to make such great showcases and effectively present them. Considering certifiable stories, they are exceptional, extraordinary, huge, mental that makes them alluring to watch. One such tension film is Arjun Suravaram which is among the best anticipation motion pictures in the Telugu entertainment world.

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Bangaru Thalli

Durga(Anjali Patil) is an exceptionally splendid understudy from Amalapuram. In the wake of finishing her tutoring, she selects to complete her advanced education in Hyderabad. She uncovers her choice to her father(Siddique), who carefully denies her consent. Losing no expectation, Durga furtively gets induction into a school in Hyderabad.

This is additionally when her dad goes to the city for some close homework. An on-edge Durga takes her confirmation letter and arrives at Hyderabad. When she arrives there, she is abducted and brought to a massage parlor’s house. During her visit, Durga discovers a stunning truth about her father. What truth does she discover? What issues does she face in the whorehouse house? Also, how can she escape from that point and shape the remainder of the story?

Anjali Patil is the core of the film. Her exhibition is just proof of her much merited National Award. She exhibits wonderful feelings during her battle in the massage parlor house. How she has drawn out the torment and misery in the film is remarkable.

Siddique, who assumed the part of Anjali’s dad, has likewise performed as well as could be expected. The little contort which comes during the stretch point is likewise intriguing. How cruel real factors of city life have been displayed are additionally acceptable. Some exciting minutes during the subsequent half have been planned well.

In general, Na BangaruTalli is a film directly from the heart. It opens your eyes and shows the real brutal factors of life convincingly. Anjali Patil’s presentation and some exciting minutes stick out. Each of the individuals who need to see films with a message and reasonableness needs to try this film.


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