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How To Make YourBathroom Design In Colorado Springs, CO?

What scent is best for bathrooms? How can Ifreshen up my bathroom? What is the strongest air fresheners? How do I get rid of urine smell? How can I freshen up my bathroom cheaply? How to remove the yellow stains of tiles?

These are the pet questions of today’s ladies, because it looks the same when visitors pass a weird comment over your bathrooms after use.

Here we provide you with various preventive measures, home remedies, cleaning techniques through which you will not be left unanswered with an all-time trending question that is ‘How to make your bathroom design in Colorado Springs, CO?’

Elimination Of Odours


The first and foremost thing to overlook is that your bathroom should have an overhead window on any one of the four walls- to let the air move or it should have the ventilation fan so that it could suck up the foul smell.

  • Clean the ventilation fan after every 6 months otherwise, its function might be adverse.

2.Use Homemade Air Fresheners

If you don’t want to invest your money over the cleanliness of a bathroom but want it to smell good. Then you can make the homemade air fresheners. Homemade air fresheners are equally effective in dominating over the foul smell.  Here we provide you with one kind of air fresheners that you can easily make it at home.

  • Mix 3 part of water, add one part of vodka or rubbing alcohol and 15 to 20 drops of essential oils (Lavender oil Orange oil or whichever flavour you like) place the mixture in a spray and use it whenever needed.

3.Prefer Odour Eliminators Instead Air Fresheners

Most of the people suggest to use Air fresheners for the good smell of the bathroom. But we suggest you to make Odour Eliminators as your preference over air fresheners.

  • Actually, what happens in the case of air fresheners is, it dominant their order over foul smell but gets failed when the foul smell is strong so one needs to have a lot of spray up to make a good smell. Hence it cost you expensive and not very much effective.
  • Whereas odour Eliminators neutralize the odor. It removes the foul smell quickly and more effectively.


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