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Neuro MRI in New Jersey cures every problem

Brain controls all the functioning of the body. If there is any defect, then our body will not work properly. The study of the brain and spinal cord, which together make up the central nervous system (CNS), is known as neuroscience. The evaluation of the spine or brain using magnetic resonance imaging is known as a neuro MRI. Neuro imaging frequently uses MRI because it can clearly delineate the brain and spinal cord without bone interference. Your doctor might advise going to a neuro MRI in New Jersey.

Your doctor may advise an MRI of the spine or brain for several reasons:

  • aid in the diagnosis of conditions affecting the brain, such as tumors, infarctions (an region of dead tissue caused by a disruption in blood flow), edema (swelling), abscesses, and blood leaking (hemorrhage) caused by a ruptured blood vessel.
  • Identify numerous spinal problems and examine the spine prior to or following surgery
  • estimating the size of brain or spinal cord tumors before to cancer therapy and checking for recurrence of the abnormality after treatment
  • to recognize multiple sclerosis and other comparable conditions that lead to brain nerve degeneration
  • Common clinical grounds for ordering a brain MRI
  • Check for anomalies of the pituitary gland as a possible source of hormonal issues.
  • Examine the brain for structural abnormalities that may be causing common symptoms including hearing loss, vertigo, headaches, weakness, or changes in vision.

What is revealed by a brain MRI?

A neuro MRI in New Jersey of the brain or head reveals the following brain structures:

  • your head.
  • Your brain is connected by blood vessels.
  • your facial bones and skull.
  • internal ear structures.
  • Your optic nerves and the tissues that support your eyes.
  • Various nerves (large nerves in your head, called cranial nerves).
  • surrounding soft tissues, including fat, bones, muscle, and connective tissue, and the structures that make up the skull.

A brain or head MRI can particularly reveal any abnormalities in your brain or the tissues around it, such as but not restricted to:

  • inflammation and enlargement
  • structural problems
  • Abnormal growths or masses.
  • Fluid leaks.
  • Hemorrhage (bleeding inside your brain).
  • White matter disease.


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