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Save Your Baby’s Little Footprints And Hand

Kids are so adorable. These little ones are the apple of the eye of the family. They can make the family happy and complete. These little patooties never fail to amaze and keep the family feeling loved. But, they only shared a short period to be cute and adorable. So, why not take the chance to keep their little hands and footprints saved? Do you believe that you can save the hands and footprints of these adorable little ones? By taking baby keepsakes, a parent can save the memory and moment. An inkless hand and footprint on a canvass or a frame? Yes, it is possible!

How to keep these cute sizes saved?

The inkless hand and footprint are safe and easy to use. Using the ink, you can make a copy of your little one’s foot and hand size. Frame it, hang it on the wall, or keep it in a photo album. These are the ways of saving your kids’ smooth and adorable hands and footprints. Plus, the product is skin-friendly. Meaning, it doesn’t harm the kid’s health nor the environment. The ink is very safe and easy to use. Save that cute size of your kids’ hands and footprints in just seconds. It is non-toxic and mess-free.

baby keepsakes

Wipe it and print it!

Using inkless hands and footprinting, you will finally save the days of your little ones being cute and adorable. By wiping it and pressing the hands or footprints of your kids, you are printing it. Not the commercial prints and paints, but using the inkless hand and footprinting that works like magic. The inkless print kits can be wrapped or can be a gift to someone special to you. Gift it to one of your family or anyone close to you and suggest it. These can be the perfect gifts for your little kiddos. With this, you can finally save these memories and show them in the future.

Colorful clay impression kit!

The inkless print kits come in different colors. As a buyer, you have a favorite color and an appropriate color for you. If you have a boy kid, you would be picking a blue clay impression kit. Many are choosing the blue color of clay impression kit believing that it is a perfect fit for boys. Some other clay impression color kits are Grey, Bronze, Soft-Clay, White – Soft Clay, Blue Soft-Clay, Pink Soft-Clay, including the PetInk for pets.

Clearly, babies can create a beautiful memory using these inkless kits. Parents will be happy and satisfied with these safe and good baby products. There is no doubt, parents will probably love this baby product. It is a 100% safe and toxic-free product for your little ones.


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