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Spice Up Your Cats’ Food With These Buying Tips

They say that you are what you eat. And that is also true for your pets. When you have cats at home,  their food is one of the most important things that you need to invest in. with a proper diet, you can prevent or delay veterinary expenses. How will you know that you are buying the best cat food, treats and toys for our feline? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Know What Your Cat Needs

Cats have basic nutritional needs. For their food, it needs to have protein, taurine, some vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and enzymes, and of course, water. Protein can be from meat, poultry, and some fish. Remember that cats don’t really need carbohydrates from rice, wheat, or corn. Some canned and dry cat foods have this as fillers so you have to check the label and ingredients before buying one.

cat food, treats and toys

Canned or Kibble

When buying cat food, you can choose from canned or kibble. Most nutritionists agree that cats should have a variety of food. Dry food is convenient and can be stocked for longer periods. But other than that, here are the reasons why you should have both dry and canned.

  • Cats Need Water. Kibble can also be left out for your cats’ ‘free-feeding.’ But they are dry and do not contain water, which is what your cat will get from canned goods. And many cats are not fond of drinking water regularly which is bad for their health.
  • A Variety is Good. Just like humans, cats can also get easily bored of the same food. And when they are no longer interested, they would simply stop eating. So have both canned and kibble ready.
  • Avoid Allergies. Over time, cats can also develop allergies. That is why it is best to give them a variety of food to avoid possible allergies to certain ingredients. Although allergies in cats are rare, it is for your own good and for your feline to be prepared.
  • Food Addiction Happens. Did you know that ‘food addiction’ in cats is real? Yes, it happens especially when they lack options. There is a huge possibility according to experts that cats can get addicted to a particular flavor of a certain cat food brand. And this addiction can be difficult to deal with when you run out of stocks.

Giving your pet feline a variety of food does not mean that they should get it every day. This simply means that it is best for them if you give a variety of high-quality canned foods and supplement it with dry food too. This will spice up their interest in eating and prevent them from being picky in the future. So when buying their food next time, have a bit of everything that they need.


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