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The Multi-Award Boss Rubber And Plastics In Manufacturing

Boss Polymer Technologies has operated for over 30 years in local and international companies. Manufactured by continuing for accuracy by injecting moldings through polymers and thermostat rubbery materials, PVC, silicone, and thermoplastic. They focused on evolving the creation of polymer solutions and rubbery materials to meet the demand of customers.

Boss Polymers has a custom extrusion manufacturer of rubberized materials and polymer solutions. The company is considered to keep investments in the modern making of extrusion equipment. In which to supply rubberized extrusions to companies such as:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Mining, Screening, and Refining
  • Irrigation and Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Solar Pool Heating
  • Custom Design

What have they developed through their projects?

custom extrusion manufacturer

Boss is a leading industry of designing and innovative skills to bring the project successfully, such as the following are:

  • Clear Edge Filter w/ Co-extruded Filtration Products – The clear edge filtration was successfully manufactured by Boss Polymer Technologies. To supply their industrial filtration media and products. Additionally, filtering the liquids in solid areas, dust, air, and other industries.
  • VSL Hongkong Railways Expansion Joining

The Boss Polymer Tech. supplied them for two specialties, custom-designed, and expansion joints. These are to join the installed precast concrete area to the segmental bridge. By compressing the width of 50mm together the expansion to 350mm. In contemplation of the designed EPDM rubberized compound was made to develop the project.

  • Eastlink Project & Boss Spineseal

The Boss SpineSeal was the solution to connect the 40 km road of EastLink installed together with Melbourne’s Eastern together with the South-Eastern area. The SpineSeal was extrusion in a large polymer to apply the rubberized silicon in EastLink to resist the heat, UV lights, and sand weathering.

  • Collins Pace for Gutter System

This is to build the silicon gutter into a special ” space frame ” to construct the roof. Which produced a new gutter system also silicone moldings to protect from leakage.

  • Perth Arena to Custom Star Seal

Boss manufactured the baffle strips and hard-shaped seals to give the geometrical designs of the project.

  • Melbourne Sky Rail

The Boss Polymer Tech. has supplied a Noise Barrier Gasket of 36, 600 meters individual sizes. Manufactured from the Ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM to reduce the noise, UV resistant, and waterproof.

What customise design technology do they have?

Boss is expert in assisting any projects of design, developing the industries bringing high-quality polymer products. Along with a wide range of demands of the automotive industry and civil engineering. In addition, they have a creative tool for success in bringing the Boss ExWeld preserving high-tech products to the world. However, here are some examples of custom designing tools, such as:

  • Technical of Consultation Services
  • Tool Design & Equipment Expertise
  • Tool Development & Trials
  • Full Manufacturing Facilities



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