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The Priceless Features Of Job Management And Estimating Software

Any software or tool that is built for a business, can drastically reduce the manual work, which in turn reduces the time consumed to perform those activities. The same is true for the construction business as well. With the advent of technology and, wide use of applications, job management and estimating software has bloomed.

Why do architects, builders and contractors love using tools for their business? It is because of the features. Features are the heart and soul of any software tool. Let us explore some of the features of estimating software to understand how they contribute to business profits.

Features of job management and estimating software

  • Scheduling

Making time-tables by yourself is a time-consuming job. Does scheduling end with the creation of a schedule? Often, changes may come up. If you are relying on manual methods, you should personally notify all the people in the team regarding schedule changes.

Scheduling becomes a hassle-free process when left to the software. You

can build a schedule directly from an estimate. Based on your past schedule, you have reusable templates. You can set automated reminders to keep all the stakeholders alert. You can even colour code your schedule for a visual representation of statuses.

  • Get professional quotes in no time!

Quotes delivered by estimating software are five times faster. The speed, however, does not affect the accuracy. Quotes are still as accurate as they can get. Also, presentation is what catches the attention of the consumer. With fine looking pre-formatted quotes, you are sure to impress your customer. You can include specifications and images to make your quote look better.

  • Track costs in real-time

Gone are the days when people in any business used physical files/ledgers to track costs. Today, digital is the king. The software is a one-stop-shop to keep track of all the costs related to construction – from tiles to electrical items. You can group these items according to various parameters too. Create purchase/work orders and enter invoices online. It is easy to maintain this information. Data on a software tool is always safer than data in a physical file. It is because you can backup and maintain multiple copies of digital data.

  • Integrated accounting software

If you build a stand-alone software, it is not useful for many businesses. Knowing this, several developers have now made software tools that are an integrated platform to help you with your business needs. Either there is an option to access a third-party application. More advanced tools combine accounting software with the estimating tool as each business will have accounting tasks.The software can automate these tasks too. In the case of an accountant, you will be paying him/her separately. But with the software, you are paying for all the tools at once.

Thus, estimating software helps in saving time and money. It pushes contractors towards a paperless enterprise.


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