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Understand How to Choose Beddings

It is said that good bedding makes you sleep well. Therefore, we should really know how to select bedding. Nowadays, various sets of bedspreads are rushing on the market. It confuses customers that which is the best, get more tips from

Tips for choosing a mattress

If the mattress is so thin that you can feel the springs when you touch and wallpaper the mattress with your hand, you will feel uncomfortable when you sleep. If your hands rise when you hit the mattress, there are gaps between the lining and the pad, so it will be slightly in shape and could not support your body very well.


Tips on choosing bed covers

At first, the color of the duvet should match well with the color of the room and furniture, for example, the cream-yellow wall should match the light brown duvet, which has patterns, and the brown furniture should match the ceiling with a Warm color, like pink, makes people feel lively. For the larger bedroom, we should better choose a shallow brown blanket with large patterns, improving the feeling of openness. The set of bedspreads with a refined design and high quality will bring you a feeling of freedom and make you sleep well.

Tips for choosing a bedspread

To select the bedspread, we usually choose cotton materials. Because it directly connects with our body, we should choose the natural pure cotton product, which is safe, comfortable, non-irritating, and has good air permeability. However, other materials such as fiber, wool, and lace are usually used for decoration. The bedspread that has a better feeling of contact will make you sleep easier.

Tips for choosing pillows

At first, the pillow should be full size. In general, the length of the adult pillow is 50 cm to 70 cm, its width is not less than 30 cm, and its height is about 15 cm to 20 cm. The height and quietness of the pillow is the crucial element for our health. It is researched that the proper bending of people’s cervical spine is about 3 cm, the pillow that is too high or too low, too soft or too hard will affect the quality of sleep and health of people and even cause cervical spondylopathy. A good pillow should support our head and cervical spine at the best angle and should be modest, hard, and soft so that it can get back in shape after pressing.

Tips on choosing a duvet

The quilt’s major function is to keep it warm at night, so the light and soft one is the best choice. The quilt with thread will not bring us the feeling of pressure and influence us to return during sleep. Therefore, it ensures the quality of our sleep. The fiber core of the pile must be long enough not to protrude from the pile cover. The natural fiber is the best material, and the best material for the quilt cover is pure cotton. We must be careful that the new duvet cover requires full laundry for the paint, which is harmful to our health. The duvet should be hung frequently in dry and ventilated places. Dry wholesale piles in the sun, if necessary, to wipe away moisture and kill some of the bacteria. That’s all for my introduction to bedding tips.


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