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Buy An Educational Toys For Your Kids

Buying a present for your child is the most exciting and enjoyable experience. One of the best manufacturers of toy materials is the types of wood. The woods are long-lasting and easy to replenish. It is eco-friendly, and wood is a more natural resource than plastic.

When looking for online shopping for 1-year-old toys for your child, it’s time you gave them playthings that are making them amaze the wooden toys. The wooden toys are best for your child and are made of natural materials, eco-friendly, durable, timeless, and safe.

What are the examples for baby 1+ ?

The best wooden toys for 1 year olds will be nontoxic toys. The wooden toys that work for them are simple designs to enhance their creativity and imagination at a young age. What are kinds of toys best for them, you have a wide range of selections such as the :

  • Woody baby walker – hand-crafted wooden toys and bashing around the house at an excessive speed.
  • Bath toys- fun and colorful inflatable kids’ bath toys.
  • Baby rattles- this is a wooden baby rattles and handbells and there is also a musical of the baby rattles to make them smile.
  • Imaginative bunny- handy-knit and 100% cotton stuffed toys with hypoallergenic polyfill.

Educational Toys

How to choose wooden toys for 13 months +?

  • Product size:

The size of the toy is the smallest size that can cause choking. Choose a toy that does not fit your kid’s mouth to save them from the hazardous things.

  • Pointy ends:

Wooden toys with pointy ends are a huge risk to kids. Choose the no pointed ends for 1+ baby toys. Always look for a toy that is well-made with rounded edges for better protection from unnecessary accidents.

  • Product quality:

Toys that are tested BPS-free are the safest for your 13 months+. The paint applied must also be organic and non-toxic, not put toys into their mouths.

  • Natural and child safe:

The plastic toys are synthetic and harmful for 13 months+. The wooden toys are child-safe of the organic substances.

The wooden toys can bring back the memory of the old times, those times only have the woodblocks available. The wood is an organic material that is considered more safe toys than the plastic is synthetic. Those kids who are using gadgets are not healthy for a 13 months + olds, it can make them iiratable. Buy the best wooden toys here and observe the growth development of your child in mental and physical.


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