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Privacy Policy

We as a global firm comprises a network of firms that are consistent with the responsibilities and the law that is applicable to the firm.( is committed to maintain the privacy of our clients. We maintain all the documents in a confidential manner.

All the personal data that is collected is deleted on a regular basis. ( retain the data only for a time period and upon the request. This may be determined by the necessity of the business.

To maintain the security

In order to maintain the security ( takes all the necessary steps that are consistent with the industry practices in order to protect the personal data. This happens by maintaining the security standards and the terms of procedures. There are many technological methods that are adopted such as physical, technical and managerial procedures in order to save the data personally. These measures are updated on a regular basis so that prevention can be done even in situations of website destruction.( personnel is adhered to strict disciplinary actions. This may also lead to his termination of the job. All the data are reviewed annually in order to check whether they match with the ( privacy policies.

Any questions that are related to the privacy policy can be directed to the privacy officer. ( strive to resolve any concern about the policy practices. We will be consulting with the top officials if any concern is raised about the data security. If the ( fail to provide a solution for the problem you can raise a complaint to the local data protection office who will take the necessary steps to solve this issue.

( conduct an annual practice to check whether all the privacy policies are accurate, implemented and are easily accessible. Personnel are appointed to handle if there is any complaint raised on this matter. Reviews on compliance are conducted in such cases

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