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Check hair porosity by UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy

Hair growth is an important point in anyone’s life whatever the gender is. Most of us face the problem of loosing hair. It is very essential to understand about your hair. Having moisture in the hair is key thing for a healthy hair. There are many methods and instruments through which you can know the moisture level of your hair one among them is Aglient UV-Vis & UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopyLet us discuss about the porosity of your hair.

  • Many of you might hear the word porosity what exactly that means. Porosity means the ability of your hair to absorb the moisture and to keep hold of it. It shows how the oils and the moisture are going in the outer most layer of the skin, which is called as cuticle.
  • The ability of hair absorbing the moisture is widely divided into three types. First is the low porosity, second medium porosity and third high porosity.
  • To understand about your hair absorbs type you need to be familiar with three words those are cuticle, cortex and medulla. Cuticle is the tough outer most layer of the hair, Cortex is the solid layer of your hair and medulla is the softest part of the hair.
  • To have a healthy hair the oils and the moisturizers which you apply should pass the cuticle and reach the cortex. In case your cuticle is too close then it becomes very hard for the oils and moisturizes to penetrate or pass through. In the same way if your cuticle is very wide then the oils or moisturizes ass through the cuticle but it is very difficult to keep it hydrated for long time.
  • What affects you porosity one major reason can be the genetics, if in your family the hair type is high porosity than there is chance that you can also have high porosity hair. Even though genetics is the top reason, but saying only that will affect your hair is also not correct. Many others factors like bleaching, over washing, drying, straightening etc. can be the reason for your wide open porosity.
  • It is always available to cover your hair when you are outdoor ad the UV rays can damage your hair.
  • It is very easy to check your hair porosity, first clean your hair neatly as there should not be any layer of hair product. Once your hair is dry then take one strand of your hair and put it in a glass of water and check if your hair is sinks or floats on the water. Each level where you hair that is on top or middle or bottom based on this you hair porosity level is concluded.


Hope the above mentioned information will be useful for you.


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