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Edit videos and host them with video making tool


Join this easy online video editor and video maker along with the video hosting of Wave Video with a simple video-making tool and experience the best ever video content. This is the online video maker which works with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Drive, Dropbox, Vimeo, hub sport, and wistia. This has many features like ad-free video hosting and there is the library of videos, audio clips as well as images which are of restocking and you can make as many videos as you need and there is no limit it is infinite.

Customize and personalize the videos

Besides this, there isan inspirational calendar with video ideas and a fully customizable video player. The auto-generated video landing pages along with the perfect video maker for agencies are best for video marketing. One more important feature of this Wave Video online video maker is the auto-resizing for the video formats more than 30 plus in number.This is the online video maker which is best for the video marketing platform particularly for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The videos can be created, repurposed, and embedded further in a website or a blog, or social media.This also can be used for video ads, social media videos and many more as this is the best ever hosting platform as well as video making platform.

video hosting

This online video maker can be addressed as a lifesaver for the marketer’s bloggers as well as the small business owners so that they can develop their brand with the influence of their video. This Wave Video is said to be one of the best online video editors in the market and with the help of this online video editing tool, one can easily combine the clips of the video, trim or crop the video, add content, record the voice, add music, change the aspect ratio, apply filters for the color and many more.

The edits which are done for the video will be saved automatically in the cloud and this is how you can create any video without any stress or worry on saving the content of all the videos. This Wave Video is one of the strong and User-friendly hosting solutions for the videos and there are many benefits and advantages of Wave Video hosting.

Some of the benefits or the qualities of this Wave Video hosting are, add free hosting without outbound links, a customizable player with complete control on the experience of the viewer, generation of the automated video landing pages, reasonable and affordable pricing, editing ability as well as updating videos automatically across the pages they are enclosed instead of upload of the new versions.


One can easily captivate the audience with the Wave Video online video maker and promote the business quickly and easily and this makes you look like a professional. You can get started with the online video creation by signing up for the website and customize your video so that it can match your content. Optimize these videos for the places you are sharing them on social media or any other platform and get a number of views.


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