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How The Australian Gin Industry Is Rapidly Increasing

In recent years the Australian gin distillery is growing rapidly, right now there are more than 100 Gin distilleries in Australia whereas five years ago there were only 10 in number. With the increase of local artisan distilleries who create their unique blends with their locally grown ingredients like seaweed, native flowers and cheese whey, the Australian Gin production industry has been swiftly expanding.

So today, let us look at some facts about how this Gin producing industry is rapidly increasing in Australia.

What is Gin?

Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink that is mostly derived from Juniper berries. The monks made the first Gin in Italy as a medicinal syrup, and slowly it was followed by other monks, and Gin became a famous drink worldwide.

Some facts that why Gin has become so much popular:

1. It has become more accessible; most companies who produce alcoholic beverages like whiskey or vodka also produce Gin in their distilleries because of more sales.

2. It has become a part of cocktail culture, due to its highly infusible flavor gin has become a very good option for cocktails all around the world.

Australian Gin Distillery

3. It has become a versatile and exciting drink due to its distilling process. It can take many strengths and flavors.

4. It is also a low caloric drink; a single shot of Gin has only about 73 calories, so you don’t have to think much about your diet before consuming Gin.

5. It is also a refreshing drink, and places with high temperatures like Australia people are more comfortable consuming Gin as it refreshes their body and mind.

How the Australian Gin industry is overcoming the world’s liquor markets:

A nation with zero histories for producing premium quality liquors is slowly dominating the world with their local artisan gin by exporting it in the international market. In 1992 when the Australian government made the micro-distilleries legal, and open for business, the Gin producing industry kept rapidly increasing, and the locals were also taking advantage of their locally grown plants, which are used to make their premium quality Gins.

And because of its refreshing taste Gin has become quite popular among the people in Australia as it suits their environment and also the people of Australia have become more figure conscious, nowadays they prefer to have less caloric drink. Gin provides a good option for that as it is very low in calories. Due to its huge popularity, some people in Australia started exporting their Gins, and because of its highly authentic taste, it has become a huge success worldwide.

The Australian gin distillery industry is growing rapidly from as low as ten distilleries now there are about 100 fully functional distilleries in Australia, due to its local botanical ingredients local Gin producing artisans are producing one of the premium and finest qualities of Gins and are exporting it worldwide due to various factors Gin has become one of the favorites drinks for people worldwide.


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