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“Anandam” available in Aha OTT, Check these reasons to watch the movie

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Thomas Mathew, Arun Kurian, Anu Antony, Roshan Mathew

Direction: Ganesh Raj

Producers: VineethSreenivasan

Music: SachinWarrier

Technologies developed when identifying the requirements of people. The latest OTT technology facilitates the viewer’s on-demand videos and online movies. OTT means over-the-top (OTT) service. Many OTT platforms are available online now. Aha OTT platform has established for exclusive Telugu on-demand video streaming. Most of the movies, which felt nostalgia, are available in Aha OTT exclusively. It is providing exclusive Telugu movies. Anandam, the movie released on 23rd March 2018, is available on aha ott to watch the movie online.  Let’s see what the reasons to watch Anandam movie online are.


Anandam movie, which dubbed into Telugu from Malayalam after it was a big success.  The movie, titled Anandam, was the biggest blockbuster hit during the year 2001, and that title repeated for this movie again.  Anandamalready came into the Telugu Film industry and turned very big success at the box office.  The film will give much entertainment to the youth audience, which made with the young star cast. Generally, a movie, which formed under Youthful Entertainer, may include vulgar dialogues and something hot stuff. But, Anandam’s movie did not include such types of staff, and it can be watched with the entire family too.


The story of the film is around the gathering of 6 understudies who go on a school visit. Akshay (Thomas Mathew), Arun (Varun Kuriyan), Gautham (Roshan), Ramkee (Vishak), Dia (Siddhi), and Devi (Annu Antony) locate their genuine selves all the while. The difficulties they face during the excursion, the affection they have towards one another, and how they reevaluate themselves structure the remainder of the story.

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Top Reasons Why to Watch “Anandam” movie:

The youthful on-screen characters made excellent eye treat to the audience. The major highlight of the movie is the realistic and energetic performance of the actors. Mainly, Siddhi and Roshan thought of some extraordinary show and carried profundity to the film.

The subsequent half of the movie is loaded up with passionate scenes that have been cut out well. The way toward building understudies investigating themselves in the outing has been composed and executed well.

A great deal of enumerating has been given to the fundamental characters, and that adds additional profundity to the film. Numerous scenes look sensible and remain consistent with the real plot.

The movie’s subject is too fresh with the new star cast.

Young star cast makes the audience to get involved in the story completely. Directorial skills, background music, cinematography are the major highlights of the movie.

Finally: The entire movie of Anandam will give an extraordinary feel. The cinema-going very well on the aha OTT platform. While decides to watch online Telugu movies, Anandam movie is the best choice to watch online to get some fun and fresh entertainment.


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