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Frequently Asked Questions about Surround-Sound-Speaker Stands

In every home theatre system, surround sound speaker stands are a must-have accessory. Almost every company sells its stands, which come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This Addicted to Audio’s speaker stands serve multiple purposes and flesh out the surround sound sensation. Here are frequent asked questions regarding this product:

First and foremost, why do you need surround-sound-speaker stands in the first place?

It’s fact that the best way to get the most out of your surround sound speaker system is to arrange them in the ideal locations. There has already been a lot of research done on speaker positioning. The placement of your speakers has a significant impact on the listening experience. According to most speaker placement standards, the ‘surround’ speakers should be placed slightly beyond the listener at ear level. Surround sound speaker stands will, of course, be required to do this.

Another motivation is to avoid accumulating clutter. While the speakers can undoubtedly be placed on the floor or on a small table, they will not appear neat or well-organized. Wires and cords are notorious in home entertainment systems, and keeping the speakers on the floor will add to the clutter. However, you may make cable management a little easier by purchasing speaker stands.

Addicted to Audio's speaker stands

When shopping for surround sound speaker stands, what brands should you search for?

Most of the time, you can get stands from the same company that makes your speaker system. From Samsung and Sony to JBL and Logitech, almost every company has its stands. Check for stability, quality of construction, and flexibility when purchasing surround sound speaker stands. To acquire the proper speaker location, you should twist and alter the stand height and angle. Before you spend your money down, make sure you play about with the stand.

Where can I find speaker stands for surround sound?

Your neighbourhood electronics store is a fantastic place to start. Experiment with the various stands, fiddle with them, and inquire about the prices. But don’t buy them just yet. Instead, go online to sites like and compare prices. You will almost always discover lower costs online than in stores. To make your buying decision, read internet reviews and conduct your in-store research. Furthermore, I prefer hardwood stands since wood is a superior construction material that absorbs extra vibrations and generates a resounding, rich echo. Plus, they look lovely in any setting.


Finally, Addicted to Audio’s speaker stands effect on the ground itself. Spikes can dig into the floor over time because speaker stands are heavy objects. The likelihood increases if there are carpets in the room. Hardwood floors may also become imprinted, but if the purpose is to impart depth to the sound, the best strategy is to pick a location deliberately and keep the stands in the same place. The tiniest spikes are unlikely to be seen. A receptor between the floor and the end is another option.


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