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The Benefits of Bees and Their Dangers

Bees are also known to be the most hardworking animals on the planet. They get nectar from flowers every single day. Due to this action, they also carry with them pollen which pollinates an entire plantation. With this, it can thrive and grow more flowers. Bees have a vital role in the ecosystem that it supports other organisms to grow and exist.

Bees provide 90% of food all over the world

As mentioned, bees have a significant contribution to the ecosystem. It means that they help trees grow, pollinate food crops and produce honey that gives people various health benefits. It is safe to say that without the aid of bees, it will not be as easy for people to support their natural resources. With this, people can harvest their organic food crops and sustain the cost of living. Plus, honey has plenty of health benefits that can lower the cost of medication. More so, it can be a potential source of antimicrobial properties.

Bens Bees

Bees supply people, honey

Honey is a substance coming from the nectar of flowers that bees harvest. It is a sticky liquid high in glucose and fructose that contributes to its sweet and delicious taste. Several studies show the potentials of honey towards the innovation of holistic medicine. It has an antibacterial property like hydrogen peroxide.

It is an essential antiseptic for wounds to not get irritated. Besides all this, more studies also lean towards the effectiveness of honey. It assists in relieving stress, sleeping disturbance, skin diseases, and more. People use it to wax their hair and potentially aids rosacea, acne, and the likes.

Potential dangers of honeybees

Honey bees may have various benefits to people, but if you agitate these insects, it can be the end of you. Note that bees do not travel alone. They have a hive, and inside it is their queen that they guard for all their life. So, once you see a honeybee, ensure to contact a professional beehive removal expert to control the situation. You can visit Bens Bees website and see all their offers about this matter.

The bee sting may kill you

Bees usually reside in forests or grasslands. So, when going on a picnic, ensure to bring with you an EpiPen if you happen to have an allergy to stings or bites. An adult can withstand up to 1000 stings depending on the kind of bee. On the other hand, a bee sting can kill you, especially if you already have comorbidities. Also, infants that are one year old and below should not ingest honey because it can cause them Infant Botulism.

With all that said, it is safe to say that you can never go wrong with anything in moderation. Bees need to work with people hand in hand to thrive and prosper as one united whole.


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