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What is the best movie to watch with friends?

Aha’s Telugu film collection is modest, comparatively speaking to the other behemoths currently stomping all over the OTT market. You would prefer to watch a few gems, though. Visit this list of best movies online for both the originals as well as some excellent dubs from Malayalam and Tamil. In addition to a few slice-of-life productions, the genres span from comedy and romance to action and social dramas.

Best Movies Online to see with friends on Aha Telugu are available listed below.

  1. Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma (2020)

This rom-com, starring Siddu Jonnalagadda and Seerat Kapoor, puts the focus on internet harassment and trolling. The humorous moments are largely found during the characters’ impromptu wedding. The most significant portion of the film focuses on the consequences of cyberbullying.

  1.  Colour Photo (2020)

Suhas and Chandini Chowdary, two actors who have established themselves in a few movies, star in Colour Photo. The majority of the cast and crew started out on YouTube as sketch comedians. This tragic love story offers lessons about what true beauty entails.

  1.  Moothon (2019, Dubbed)

Who would have imagined that Malayalam actor Nivin Pauly would play a part in which he had to shed his image? Moothon has many gloomy moments, but it also has an uncommon sweetness in mainstream Indian cinema.

Zombie Reddy review. Zombie Reddy Telugu movie review, story, rating -

  1. Amaram Akhilam Prema

The plot of this top-notch Telugu romantic, sentimental, and upbeat film revolves around the life of Akhila. She is torn apart from her father, who loves her the most, by an error made by Akhila. She makes the decision to make amends and win him back. She meets Amar, a carefree man who understands what true love is while travelling. 

  1. Zombie Reddy 

The best comedy film ever made in Telugu about Aha, the first zombie in Indian cinema. Rayalaseema serves as the setting for the entirety of the film. A group of friends attending a friend’s wedding become embroiled in the conflict between two families and are attacked by a mysterious zombie.

  1.  Orey Bujjigaa

An enjoyable romantic comedy film is currently streaming on Aha called Orey Bujjigaa. In order to escape getting married, Bujji and Krishnaveni leave for home on the same day, leading their community to assume that they have eloped. The two quickly fall in love without being aware of each other’s circumstances.


The best Aha movies are listed here. This is The list to reflect the most recent releases. On the Aha Telugu app, you can watch exclusive Telugu movies where you can get movies to watch with your friends at a low subscription cost.


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